ASCD Consultant 2016 – Current

  • Designed and conducted professional learning for districts across the country
  • Spring 2016 ASCD National Conference Presenter
  • Cadre member of Building Teachers’ Capacity for Success
  • Fostered and facilitated a multi-year implementation plan for instructional coaching
  • Facilitated professional learning with the Disrupting Poverty Cadre

 StandardsWork Inc.  2018

  • Virtually collaborated as a curriculum writing team member to create Detroit modEL lessons for assigned grades
  • Decided what curricular elements of EL 2.0 lessons to keep and which to eliminate as part of the Detroit modEL project
  • Streamlined the teacher guidance in the existing EL 2.0 lessons to PowerPoint notes
  • Created student facing instructions as PowerPoint slides for every lesson
  • First line reviewer to fellow writers in assigned team to identify formatting and content modifications

School Kit 2018

  • Supported district partners in their professional learning design and delivery by virtually vetting presentations and providing timely and relevant feedback
  • Clarified content misconceptions and highlighted missed opportunities in messaging
  • Utilized virtual collaboration to individualize and streamline content delivery of Louisiana’s ELA Content Modules

Washoe County School District

Reno, NV

Read by Grade Three Project Coordinator (NV State Law, S.B 391, 2015) 2016-2018
  • Designed and facilitated district-wide implementation of comprehensive early literacy instruction, assessment and intervention initiative, in accordance with S.B.391, 2015 (RBG3)
  • Collaborated with district departments to establish district-wide common language and implementation of best practices
  • Facilitated professional learning opportunities with outside consultants aligned with SB 391, 2015 and WCSD Strategic Plan
  • Coached Learning Strategists at 67 different sites, including charter schools
  • Assembled multidepartment coordination team to implement RGB3
  • Utilized district professional learning and literacy data to engage in data-based decision making
  • Complied with state and district mandated logistics and operations for sourcing, billing, ordering, resourcing and budgeting
  • Represented WCSD RBG3 to the Nevada Department of Education
  • Utilized data-based decision making to enhance district-wide professional learning
  • Organized multi-department collaboration for Read by Grade Three Developed presentation protocol to align professional learning
  • Developed and facilitated monthly professional learning on literacy content and coaching for 67 sites based Learning Strategists
  • Assisted in the writing of a multimillion-dollar grant to fund implementation of Read by Grade Three
Implementation Specialist/ IS Mentor (Hidden Valley ES, Huffaker ES, WCSD Department of Professional Learning) 2015-2016
  • Developed and facilitated IS Boot-Camp for district Teachers on Special Assignment
  • Held Bi-Monthly mentor meetings with 5 Implementation Specialists and guided them through coaching cycles
  • Modeled coaching strategies and situations with mentees
  • Provided feedback and assistance as needed with new Implementation Specialist
  • Presented at November Saturday Café and Nevada Reading Week Conference
  • Developed and presented site-specific professional development aligned to the WCSD Four Fundamentals
  • Supported staff members in the development of Student Learning Objectives
  • Modeled core aligned lessons for teachers in order to support teachers in increasing instructional rigor
  • Led participated in and monitored grade level Professional Learning Community meetings
  • Developed and facilitated Social Emotional Learning professional development in order to increase staff and student climate and engagement
  • Utilized The Continuum of Self Reflection in order to identify individual stages of reflection and align coaching support
  • Designed yearlong differentiated professional development around English Language Arts
  • Provided feedback to teachers using the Instructional Practice Guides
  • Supported teachers in developing their leadership skills and roles
  • Strategically managed time to meet the needs of two elementary sites and a group of Implementation Specialist mentees
  • Supported teachers in shifting their PLC’s from planning focused to student-centered
  • Collaborated with Admin Leadership Team to review site, staff, students and community concerns and needs
  • Participated in Area 3 Instructional Rounds

Implementation Specialist (Hidden Valley ES, Huffaker ES, Smithridge ES) 2013-2015

  • Encouraged parent engagement by co-planning parent nights around the Nevada Academic Content Standards
  • Developed six coaching sessions for New IS Boot-Camp
  • Mentored two new Implementation Specialist
  • Strategically organized time to meet the needs of three elementary sites
  • Facilitated grade level PLC’s and planning meetings
  • Analyzed teachers needs in order to assist them in their planning and instruction
  • Collaborated with area superintendents and principals to plan professional development and site support
  • Analyzed data in order to support teachers in making instructional decisions
  • Presented curricular information to entire staffs and grade level teams
  • Co-taught lessons and modeled them in order to support teachers in raising student achievement
  • Continuously communicated with teammates and administrators in order to ensure professional development aligned with school performance plans
Greenbrae Elementary School: English Second Language Teacher 2011-2013
  • Transitioned into an ESL position after teaching first grade for 6 months
  • ESL Team Coordinator
  • Collaborated with multiple grade levels during PLC’s to align goals and strategies
  • Presented and modeled methods and instructional strategies to all staff members
  • Created a positive classroom environment which fostered risk taking and team building skills
  • Helped construct professional development trainings
  • Planned and scheduled ELL assessments
  • Analyzed assessment data and modified instruction accordingly
  • Worked to recreate ESL progress reports to increase parent communication, involvement and performance reporting

Trailside Point Elementary School

Laveen, Arizona

First Grade Teacher 2008-2011
  • Taught a mainstream classroom for one year and an English Language Learner classroom for two years
  • Planned, developed and presented lessons while monitoring student progress and abiding by the Arizona state standards and Laveen District #59’s curriculum maps while also piloting the common core standards
  • Integrated SMART board technology into the classroom setting to engage students in an interactive way
  • Created a positive classroom environment with a large class size in which all students were active participants
  • Maintained weekly contact and open communication with all parents and guardians
  • Introduced the Lucy Calkins writing program and Daily 5 to the school and lead a Professional Development on the programs
  • Co-developed a writing club for first-grade students of all writing abilities
  • Led an English Language Learner after-school tutoring program for K-1 students
  • Participated in professional development and leadership clubs,  including the athletic committee and the climate and culture committee
  • Developed positive reinforcement strategies for students with behavioral and/or learning disorders
  • Participated in monthly vertical planning and IEP meetings

Burton Elementary School

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Fifth Year Internship: First Grade with Darcy Briseño 2007-2008
  • Created, implemented, and assessed lessons for students in the content areas based on Grand Rapids Public Schools standards and benchmarks surrounding the Four Block structure
  • Maintained classroom structure and student progress during my internship while my lead teacher was on maternity leave for eight weeks
  • Participated in training and professional development in Text Talk development
  • Participated in grade level meetings each week
  • Planned, established, and led a small reading intervention group
  • Implemented Everyday Mathematics throughout the year
  • Participated in Child Study meetings by helping to develop and evaluate strategies to aid the child
  • Supervised monthly field trips throughout the Grand Rapids area