District Leaders Network on Family and Community Engagement Facilitator for Institute for Educational Leadership

             Co-developed and facilitated Professional Learning for School Staff on Family Engagement for approximately 60 central office staff from around the nation who work on family engagement. The purpose of the professional learning was to highlight the work being done in WCSD between the Professional Learning Department and Family-School Partnerships and guide attendees through reflection on their own practices.

Family Access Day Session Facilitator

            Co-developed and facilitated What is Nevada K.I.D.S Read: Read by Grade Three a session designed to support learning at home and the path to college. This session built family and community capacity around the Nevada K.I.D.S Read law which helps our children get the reading skills to be successful readers. Participants left with an understanding of the law and what they can do to continue helping their child become confident readers.

ASCD Cadre Member

            Provide professional development to districts across the country focusing on coaching, leadership from the classroom, and building teacher capacity. Presented at Empower17 (ASCD National Conference), was accepted to facilitate a session at Empower18 and continue to consult districts across the country.

In-service Instructor: Transformational Coaching 2

Co-Developed and facilitate a 1 credit blended learning service class to build participants capacity to reflect on coaching experiences and share via blog postings. Participants refined their coaching conversations to include a reflective cycle tool, videotaping, and reflection on the experience. The online work and viewing of various coaching videos were incorporated into all aspects of learning.

Participant in the TeachNVACS Cohort

Share resources and examples of Nevada Academic Content Standards using social media.

 Saturday Café Presenter: Brainstorming and Discussion

Co-Developed and facilitated various Saturday Café session for teachers, administrators, and support staff. Sessions included topics such as Growth Mindset, Discussions and the Brain, Juicy Sentences and the Question Formulation Technique. Participants left sessions with tools and strategies they could implement the following day in their classrooms.

 In-service Instructor: Building Your Capacity for Success as a Teacher Leader

Co-Developed and facilitate a 1 credit service class to promote teacher leaders within the classroom, as implementation specialists, program coordinators or instructional coaches.

In-service Instructor: Transformational Coaching 1

Co-Developed and facilitate a 3-credit blended learning service class to assist participants in understanding adult learning theory, craft a definition of Transformational Coaching, and synthesize all information to construct a final representation of their personal coaching philosophy.

 Text Set Author

            Collaborated with a team of educators to develop and write Text Sets for Student Achievement Partners.

 New Implementation Specialist Mentor

Met with two new Implementation Specialists throughout their first year to support them in their new position. This included planning, troubleshooting, coaching, modeling, observing, providing feedback, reflection, and providing resources and suggestions.

 New Teacher On Special Assignment Specialist Boot-Camp Instructor

            Co-created coaching training to support new Teachers On Special Assignments. Sessions included sharing new information, content, and research, planning support, modeling, and additional support around coaching as needed.

OLP Stakeholder Member

            Participated in the Nevada Department of Education’s OLP Committee and assisted in the review of evaluation systems for “Other Licensed Personnel.

21st Century Learning Leaders Network

            Expanded my own knowledge of the 21st Century Learning Competencies and will assist the Washoe County School District as they plan a more student-centered approach to learning with the integration of meaningful technology.

Implementation Specialists Social Committee Member

            Assisted with planning events and potlucks for the Implementation Specialist team to support with relationship building and maintained a positive climate and culture within the group.

New Implementation Specialist Hiring Committee

            Member of the hiring committee for new Implementation Specialist hiring.

Implementation Specialist Liaison: Area 3

            Attended Café Design Team Meetings, giving feedback on new ideas, assisted in the vetting process of Blue Friday, Pink Wednesday, and Boot-Camp sessions. Shared the information with other Area 3 Implementation Specialists.

IPIP Instructor: Van de Walle Student-Centered Mathematics Book Club

            At the request of an administrator and teachers led a book club around Student-Centered Mathematics. Teachers read, discussed, planned, and modified instructional resources to fit the needs of their students while expanding upon their own content knowledge.