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I’m passionate about education, but more importantly working with people in education. I believe success can only be built on a foundation of strong relationships. Let’s build those together. 


With over a decade in the classroom and partnering with districts and sites, I’m here to collaborate. From digital and distance learning expertise to on-site professional development, I’m confident our time together will be valuable.

Ready to build?

I work with partners willing to question their normal and open to change. True growth comes from within, let's find it.

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    Start with People.

    Our work begins with a focus on your team. You cannot be successful without trust. Trust is built through cultivating relationships. We do this with role clarity, defining accountability and creating success parameters.

    Give them Tools

    With an extensive tool kit, we merge theoretical and practical  to strengthen the foundation. Utilizing paradigms like The Reflective Cycle and The Whole Educator bring personalization and flexibility to the approach.



    Raise the Bar

    We leverage strong relationships and a depth of knowledge to move faster, with more intent and cohesively. As the cycle continues, this creates more opportunities for relationships to grow.

    Mandi Van Dellen

    Mandi Van Dellen builds relationships, identifies motivators and expands individual and collective capacity. With extensive experience working for districts as a teacher leader, implementation specialist and instructional coach, Mandi easily connects with all district employees to promote success.

    Mandi supports educators across the U.S. by focusing on teacher leadership and instructional coaching as the conduit to student success. 

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      Distance Learning

      As education continues to transform, developing new capabilities, leveraging technology while maintaining personal connections is more important than ever. I offer everything from asynchronous learning to fully featured Google classrooms.

      Coaching development in small teams or individually up to virtual classrooms of 80 participants, there are many options.

      In person collaboration is hard to replace. By working together on-site, relationship building is taken to a new level. These opportunities emerge throughout the day in unexpected ways. Often during breaks or at lunch we find barriers being broken down. 

      On-Site work facilitates scalability and flexibility. By dynamically adjusting content, diving deeper or furthering the collaboration, on-site learning provides a versatile experience hard to replace digitally.


      On-Site Consulting



      From the ‘Whole Educator’ to the ‘Reflective Practice’, a diverse foundation of knowledge ensures we begin with a deep understanding at the personal level. From there, the in-depth work begins.

      Coaching development is challenging work. It requires reflection, relationship building and trust.

      The scope of professional learning is broad, the space has expanded to cover many areas. I focus on curriculum design, professional development, and team dynamics. Through an open and honest approach, our work aligns with my philosophy: establish and cultivate relationships, identify gaps and ways to build tools for success. Finally, bring each of those areas together to accelerate 

      Professional learning is the culmination of the above areas. To be successful, it requires synchronous learning, asynchronous follow-up, and coaching.



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