Fall Feelings

The crisp morning air, pumpkins lining the walkways, the ghosts, and goblins swaying in the evening breeze, the complimenting aromas of pumpkin spice and apple crisp. We’ve officially arrived, fall. 

Alisha, an author of Girls Night In, recently shared her feelings for this time of year. “ I feel excited and overwhelmed. I feel overwhelmed because I want to do ALL the Big Fall activities, like apple picking or leaf peeping. Realistically, I don’t do any of these, probably because of said overwhelm.” These feelings and emotions are relatable for me, and maybe for you too. 

I yearn for the fall transition, but with it comes the overwhelm of our family’s birthday season, holidays, and the pressure to get ahead even though I’m already behind.

One approach Alisha shared was instead of leaning into the overwhelm, embrace the “little fall things” and savor the good, small stuff. A TBS of pumpkin in your morning smoothie, noticing the crackling of the leaves as you walk over them, hanging up one of your favorite decorations, etc. 

I found this advice to be valuable not only for the current seasonal transitions but also in our professional space. The feelings of overwhelm and excitement are familiar. If we focus on the “little things” the overwhelm may feel less intense. Over time, multiple little things will add up to big accomplishments and transitions. 

As you embark on the next week, take a moment to identify a few “ little things” that you can lean into and appreciate.

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