Beyond Small Talk

“Hi, how are you?” “How’s life? How was the trip?” “Heeyyy…how’s it going?” Small talk. When I think about it, the above questions come to mind. Family dinners, reunions, work meetings, coaching conversations… the list goes on and on. Gatherings, often a hub for small talk. The bringing together of people can produce a varietyContinue reading “Beyond Small Talk”

Fall Feelings

The crisp morning air, pumpkins lining the walkways, the ghosts, and goblins swaying in the evening breeze, the complimenting aromas of pumpkin spice and apple crisp. We’ve officially arrived, fall.  Alisha, an author of Girls Night In, recently shared her feelings for this time of year. “ I feel excited and overwhelmed. I feel overwhelmedContinue reading “Fall Feelings”

A Shift In Trust

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them. – Ernest Hemingway Gosh, that sounds so simple… The other day I was processing challenges during Covid, with an administrator and she brought up trust. Trust is always hard to establish. However, with distance learning, individuals‘ choices regarding health precautions,Continue reading “A Shift In Trust”

Coaching Through Covid-19

Instructional Coach(es): Supporters. Improvers of Instruction. Listeners. Partners. Reflectors. Leaders. Servers. Resource Gatherers. Providers of Professional Learning. Relationship Builders. Modelers. Analyzers. Goal Setters. Feedback Providers. Planners. Observers. Content Chameleons. Professionals. Communicators…the infinite list of hats Instructional Coaches wear. Well, guess what? There’s a new title now: lifeline. Our Current Reality Covid-19 transformed our world overnight.Continue reading “Coaching Through Covid-19”