The First 5

woman in black tank top sitting on window

5 Minutes.

Do you ever hit that moment in the day where all you can think about is locking yourself in the bathroom?

I do…a lot. 

While the bathroom serves many functions in our homes, the one I didn’t anticipate was a space for me. Space where I can take 5 minutes to reset, escape the chaos, view something online, or quite honestly, sip my wine or coffee (depending on the time of day) and practice deep breathing. Why 5 minutes? Because it’s long enough to reset, could be a reasonable time to be using the facility, but not long enough that people start questioning where you are. 

5 Minutes.

This is a place to bookmark, a place where you can escape reality and take a few minutes to put everything on the other side of the door and focus on person #1, you. This is a place for the ambitious educator who wants more. The educator who is exhausted but finds energy in continued thinking. We’re all working on overload. There isn’t the time or access to attend a million workshops, add 52 new meetings to your calendar, or read an entire book. However, you can find 5 minutes. 

5 Minutes. 

The period is intentional. Every week, I’ll email you a post. 5 minutes of something worth your time. The only two requirements I am giving myself are that the content must connect to education and the entire post will only require 5 minutes. That’s it, hence the period.

Welcome to 5 Minutes

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