Fall In Love

kids making noise and disturbing mom working at home

The air is frosty and it’s questionable if the peeking sun will hangout for the day, or if the typical Michigan gray skies will take over. It doesn’t matter. The air is filled with the aroma of fresh ground coffee beans and apple pie cooling on the stovetop.

Should we put the turkey in now? Or wait another hour?

The annual debate begins in the kitchen. Meanwhile, the sound of cousins giggling as they steal Nana’s famous rolls fills my heart and reminds me that this is what I’ve been missing. It’s been since March since we have been together in person.

It’s Thanksgiving Eve, 2020, and is still a dream. While family is in Michigan we are still in Reno.

Life is hard.

It’s the holidays and there is a global pandemic. The majority of us want nothing more than to live the dream.

Yesterday, I was clearing my head with a quick spin when the screen saver on my computer popped up:

Gratitude helps you fall in love with the life you already have.

I’m torn between wanting to lie in bed and cry over what should have been, and finding gratitude in what have.

Life isn’t perfect, the plans we make don’t always come true. However, we get to debate this, and that in and of itself is something to be thankful for.

Many of us aren’t living our dreams this year, but I encourage you to start or end your day with a gratitude practice. It helps reframe your thinking and as the quote states, it helps you fall in love with the life you have. I decided to do this each morning with the following structure:

Andy: my first cup of coffee this morning and initiating our Christmas card photo

Cooper: his response to Nana’s question: What does I want get you? Noofiing!

Josie: independently walking down the hallway

Personal: spinning

Professional: meaningful feedback from this week’s coaching conversations

Why am I calling out specifics?

Because life is hard… and sometimes my frustrations from one aspect come out in another.

It’s important to identify the good all around us and fall in love with the life we have.

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