Ever have a moment where you find yourself staring at the clock with so much intent that you are sure it could explode?

Have you ever found yourself flipping through the pages of your calendar counting the days until x. But then realizing that the number of days still sounds like too many, so you switch and count in weeks instead?

It’s funny, when we are engaged in something we love we pray time will stop. However, when we find ourselves face-to-face with a less desirable experience or task we search for any possible way to minimize the time on the clock.

Welcome to the story of my life.

Last week I took my first spin class after moving back to America. You may be thinking to yourself: Wow, that’s not that impressive Mandi, you arrived back in the States nearly 8 months ago. Fair point. However, I also had another baby.

I was “cleared” to workout about 2 1/2 months ago.

Although things have been a bit hectic. Two under two, lack of sleep, lots of travel, unpredictable schedules…not enough time, etc.

That last phrase is my biggest enemy, not enough time. My word choice is intentional here. I’m saying not enough time, not no time.

I can’t tell you how many times I sit and articulate to others how I write things off because I don’t have a full hour to complete them, or my minds just not into it right now, or not until the dishes are done…I’m 100% aware of my arch enemy.

I mentioned to my husband how excited I was to get my body back after having our second baby.

We frequently discuss our desire for our kiddos to grow up seeing us prioritize eating good food, working out, and exploring the outdoors. Yet, here I am…almost 4 months post-baby and I’m just getting back on the saddle.

I want to see you hit 9:40… in miles, as a team!

You have 4 minutes to get there! Let’s go, Let’s go!!!

5, 4, 3, …Nice job!!! There it is 9:40!

2, 1 and breathe…

Some read this, or experience this moment, and think to themselves, Yes, we did it! I would normally be right there with you, however, I noticed something at that 9:40 mark.

The two riders next to me, the one in front of me, and I all slowed our RPMs down just as that 9:40 flashed up on the screen.

We still had 2 seconds to go…

That’s when I heard it…

A few weeks ago I was working with a group of educators. We were discussing some instructional shifts we’d like to see in classrooms…

These are definitely some steps I’d like to make with my staff. I think they will enhance our students’ experiences and learning. Unfortunately, the year’s almost over. I think this is good to think about for next year…

What? Wait, did I miss something? I thought it was only February?


It’s too easy for us to call it good before our time is truly up.

As a parent, it’s easy for me to think about this with that lens on. What if that was my chid’s teacher? Writing off new learning, continued growth, and support with at least 3 1/2 months of instructional time still on the clock? Similarly, what if that was my administrator? Saying my professional growth can wait till next year?

Let’s make sure regardless of our roles, we aren’t giving up with two seconds to go, or calling it good because we hit our goal. Let’s remember time is valuable and any amount of time is better than no time at all.

What’s still worth your time today?

How are you going to be intentional about getting it done?

Now that you read this blog and squirreled away 10 minutes, get back to it, there is still 2 seconds to go!

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