“Tell Me What You See”

“Tell Me What You See…” Recently, I had coffee with a good friend, one cup quickly turned into several. We found ourselves discussing the lack of resources that support human interaction, specifically, in the world of education. It’s possible that saying a lack of resources isn’t the right phrase. We expect teachers to instill theContinue reading ““Tell Me What You See””

The Professional Influence of my Dad

Today my dad will embark upon a new journey…retirement. In the minutia of our daily lives, it is difficult to stop and reflect on someone’s influence. In the year of #accomplish2017, I put aside some weekend time to reflect on my Dad’s influence. John Quincy Adams once said, “If your actions inspire others to dreamContinue reading “The Professional Influence of my Dad”

The Window Opened Or Closed?

The Window Opened Or Closed?  Awareness: Knowledge or perception of a situation or fact. Judging: Forming an opinion or conclusion about. My Confusion As an instructional coach, I constantly try to be aware and help build other’s awareness through coaching. For me, the list seems nearly never-ending…do I demonstrate awareness of people’s background, their personalContinue reading “The Window Opened Or Closed?”

Two Simple Words…Thank You

“Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions.” ~Author Unknown Two Simple Words “Thank You,” two simple words that have extremely powerful potential. Potential to take a terrible day and shed some light on it. Potential to make someone who is spinning their wheels to stop and realize…it IS worth it. Potential to provide that momentContinue reading “Two Simple Words…Thank You”