The Best Way To Motivate Teachers…

Have You Ever Wondered What the Best Way to Motivate Teachers Is? As an Implementation Specialist… I sat in, developed, and led numerous professional development sessions with staff members who seem disengaged, uninterested, or even appreciated the extra time to grade their papers and create their grocery lists. No, not every session has participants whoContinue reading “The Best Way To Motivate Teachers…”

Igniting Your Passion…

A few weeks ago my husband’s college roommate came to visit for the weekend from Silicon Valley. Over dinner, we began discussing our current stages in life, our passions, careers, and issues that arise from our careers. In following is a brief recap of our narratives: Myself: Personally, happily married to my husband who challenges me to takeContinue reading “Igniting Your Passion…”

Reflecting On My Reflection…

I was asked to discuss some ways that I have engaged in reflective practice and how I have (or will) provide teachers the opportunity to engage in reflective practice. Below are my responses: Do you reflect about a particular situation more than another? If so, what is it, and why? (Student discipline, teacher support, PLC structure, climate/cultureContinue reading “Reflecting On My Reflection…”

Do Not Attempt To Project Different Images

I was asked to watch Susan Scott’s Ted-X Talk titled “The Cause for Radical Transparency” and then reflect on it. Below is my response and here is the link to the video: Scott’s talk presented many thought-provoking ideas. However, when I looked back over the statements that stuck out to me, one seemed to really connectContinue reading “Do Not Attempt To Project Different Images”

The Comparison: Car Salesman & Coach

Car shopping, something that is extremely fun when done to fulfill a want, not so fun when it’s done to fulfill a need. About two weeks ago, my husband and I totaled our vehicle in a battle with a deer. It’s still debatable whether the deer or the car won, given they are both noContinue reading “The Comparison: Car Salesman & Coach”

Reflecting On My Practice

For those of you who don’t know, I committed to the #educoach challenge to post a blog once a week for four weeks. Initially, I was extremely excited about this challenge. Reflecting on my professional practice is something I enjoy doing personally and aspire to do more of. That being said, the third week has officially began…andContinue reading “Reflecting On My Practice”